Blunt Knife

from by Cement Matters



Tracy said she had to go,
She squeezed my hand but that was not enough.
These burning street lights blister soles,
Attracting lovers like two naive moths.
Can't you see that there's no other way,
With fifteen hours on repeat?
She said she'd send it in the post,
That's what she said the most,
Then soon she dissolved,
No, it's never enough.

A blunt knife won't cut through these ribbons of woes,
You'll find the warmest of smiles in about seventeen miles,
Where the soft, sweet caress of two lungs in debt will now wait.
No fractures to bones means that I'm not alone,
Run the water for longer, I can still feel my toes.
Patience will trip over regret again and again,
No, It's never enough.

If I sing you these words will we soon drift away?


from Drinking Seawater, released October 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Cement Matters Watford, UK

Soul Punk from Watford Town

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