Drinking Seawater

by Cement Matters

I Lie All The Time
Drinking Seawater
Following Suit
She Lost Interest
I Done Politics


releases October 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Cement Matters Watford, UK

Soul Punk from Watford Town

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Track Name: Blunt Knife
Tracy said she had to go,
She squeezed my hand but that was not enough.
These burning street lights blister soles,
Attracting lovers like two naive moths.
Can't you see that there's no other way,
With fifteen hours on repeat?
She said she'd send it in the post,
That's what she said the most,
Then soon she dissolved,
No, it's never enough.

A blunt knife won't cut through these ribbons of woes,
You'll find the warmest of smiles in about seventeen miles,
Where the soft, sweet caress of two lungs in debt will now wait.
No fractures to bones means that I'm not alone,
Run the water for longer, I can still feel my toes.
Patience will trip over regret again and again,
No, It's never enough.

If I sing you these words will we soon drift away?
Track Name: Can't
I don't know,
When my baby will come home.
I don't know,
If I'll ever see her soon.

Because skin wears thin,
And the wounds heal,
I know it won't happen that soon.

I can't say it anymore,
If you break it in two, words will crumble for you,
And my heart backs down.
I can't say it anymore.

When you know,
You can sing for your sorrows,
You will know,
That the pain lasts tomorrow.

I miss you so,
When I know it is done.
I know broken pieces won't fit.

When the tide rises up and it's never enough,
To wash it away, and I feel and I pray.
For I'm just a man, I've got tears just like yours,
No worries, I'm tired and alone.
Track Name: House Fire Heat
Come gather gold and silver parcels,
Bury three feet holes and pray for thunder.
Scurry towards the plastic neon rays,
Feel these seconds turn into days.
Kiss my skin and warm my bones,
We will sell our secrets until we get old,
To fuel non-fiction finance woes.
Hold my hand and check for vital signs,
Taste sweet venom, start up again.

House fire heat will keep me warm,
This black lagoon will sooth my qualms.
I heard it's each to their own,
No more questions, fewer solved.
I am your one and all.

Stewart was raised on violence,
In a chemical world that spouts out kindness.
We will crash and yearn,
To wipe our mouths on satin shirts.
I will be Jack and you will be nimble,
Skim these stones and watch them sink,
To magazine depths and polythene dresses.
Must my paper qualifications burn?

My disguise won't lie.